About Me

Thanks for checking my blog out. I truly am blessed to have the time to complete fun projects and write about them. I am relatively new to the blogging world, and it's been truly a fun thing. I hated writing all the way through college. I didn't think I could do it. So the fact that I'm choosing to write as a hobby is truly amazing.

I have 9 years of teaching experience under my belt. Last year I work for Ohio FIRST LEGO League. If you haven't heard of FLL, check out www.usfirst.org to see middle school students doing truly amazing things. This year I'm working as a part time instructor at DoD STARBASE, Wright-Patt. We do science and math lessons with 5th graders from the area. Loads of excitement and fun! In my spare time I work on updates to our house and fun crafty projects.

I have a very supportive husband encouraging me in my painting and furniture refinishing. I also have my trusty little 4-legged friend, Carson, monitoring all of my projects. And most recently joining the team is our son born in April 2015. He has been a joy and blessing beyond measure!

Isn't he such an excellent foreman?

I'm learning a lot and trying to share some of that "wisdom" with all of you. Thanks for stopping by, and keep checking back for more DIY adventures.


  1. Good blogging! Explain to me, what makes the difference between blogging, messaging on facebook and emails?

    1. A blog is a place that is like a diary in which I can write whatever I choose for you to read. You have the choice to read it or not read it as you choose, and anyone with web access can come to this site and read anything I've written. Sending an email or a message on Facebook is for the specific people that I send it to, and it is not available to anyone and everyone.