Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Book Review: Wonder

I've had a number of people say that they have enjoyed the book review I did at the end of 2013 and that they'd like to see more. I love reading, but I've really been so busy the past few months with all of my house projects that I practically just collapse into bed each night and can't read. I've been listening to a lot of audio books though which has been a great while painting. The other problem is that I didn't think that there was anything that I've read or listened to that I've really felt strongly about. And then a book popped into my head. Oh yeah, that's right, Wonder by R.J. Palacio!

I picked this book up while subbing this spring from a 5th grade teacher's desk to read while the kids were gone for art class. I'd seen some students reading it throughout the year and was curious. Wow! It was a really good book. All of the 5th graders who saw me reading it said the same thing. I really love how R.J. Palacio wrote the book from multiple perspectives. It's hard to do that well, but she did it perfectly. She was able to move the story line forward and yet continue to circle back to past events to reveal another character's feelings about it. 

This is a coming of age story about Aggie Pullman, but it's really not the typical coming of age story. It's much stronger and more poignant. Let's just say that what he goes through has a hugely positive effect on a lot of other people as well, and he's not the only one who grows up. 

This book was written for young adults, but the lessons in here will affect adults as well. Have you read this book? What did you think of it? 

Have you read anything else lately that I need to read?



  1. I haven't heard of it, but will check it out. I love YA fiction, but always check it carefully first. I don't care to read anything that has "hidden agenda" within its story or its pages. Other than that, I love it. Our book club reads YA ever once in awhile. I had a hard time convincing some of the members to give it a try...but most of them have loved the YA books we have read. For example-The Book Thief is considered YA. What a story!!

  2. Ooh I haven't heard of that one! I was a high school English teacher for 5 years, and I used to host book talks. My students have recommended some fabulous ones. Some of their favorite authors are John Green, Sarah Dessen, Jodi Picoult, Meg Cabot, Nicholas list is endless. Thanks for sharing!