Monday, June 27, 2016

Bathroom Reno for under $250

Before and After

Our upstairs bathroom has been a room that didn't need a ton of work to update it. So I left it for about two years, and it was really functional and not offensive at all. However, I wanted to quickly bring it into this century with a new light fixture, new mirror and some fresh paint. 

This is what the bathroom looked like from the day we moved in. These pictures don't really do the walls justice. Picture the blue of a baby shower for a boy. That's the color these walls were. And let's just take a second to remember that the vanity had a really awesome 70's feel with the cream veneer with a gold paint trim. Gorgeous right?

The first thing to change was the vanity. You can read about that change here.  The following pictures are to show you the mirror and the light that had to go.  The light was so hot that it was burning the paint on the side wall. I put my makeup on in there, and my goodness it almost melted off my face.  Can we just say yuck!?!?

The first thing I did was pull down the mirror and light fixture. Changing out the light fixture was not difficult except for the fact that the old light fixture was not installed in the center of the sink. It was just so large that I couldn't tell with the old one, but with the new fixture it was not OK! Also, whoever installed the last light did not put in an electrical box. So I had to hire an electrician to install an electrical box in the center of the sink. The light that I chose was the Portfolio 4-Light Paces Brushed Nickel Bathroom Vanity Light from Lowes.  

I got a new mirror too. I wanted one that could hang vertically and not hit the toothbrush holder and soap holder. I found this Satin Silvered Beveled Mirror from I chose a wall mirror as opposed to a bathroom mirror because it was lightweight and easy to hang. It was also the right size and style.

Ah!!! Isn't that refreshing and bright! 

The final thing that I did was to give all of the walls a fresh coat of paint. I went with Valspar Winter in Paris. It's a really pretty light grey blue. It also has some green tones to it. It's very pretty and far less baby boy blue. 

I think that this room really got the facelift it needed for just a small amount of money.

The budget breakdown:
Vanity paint- I already had a gallon of white
Vanity hardware- $5
Light- $69
Mirror- $69
Wall paint- $35
Electrician to install the light properly-$50 (he was already out to install a new fan in our guest bedroom)


So if you've got a bathroom that has a solid shower, toilet and vanity but needs some updating, for a small amount of money, you can do quite a lot with paint and a new light and mirror! Be brave. Paint and lights are not difficult. You can do it!

I know it may seem that not much has been done, but I think it's a huge difference and brings this bathroom into the modern age!

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