Friday, January 24, 2014

Using up the Scraps: Makeup Brush Holder!

I've been sewing a lot the past few months.  It's been a ton of fun for me to get creative and use lots of happy colorful fabrics.  It is rewarding to create and complete a project.  With all of the sewing though comes a lot of scrap fabric.  I never sewed this much before so I'll admit to just throwing the scraps out.  However, I felt pretty guilty about this once I started sewing more.  But then, I hate clutter and saving things just for the sake of saving them.  The other night I decided to get with it and do something with my growing pile of scrap cottons.  Hence, the makeup brush holder.  I headed to Pinterest to see what I had already pinned and came up with this makeup brush holder.  I made 10 of these bad boys today, and I think they are just adorable!  

Here are just a few to inspire you to get out your scrap pile and get sewing.  

Flowers and polka dots anyone?

And who doesn't love elephants?

If you don't have the scraps or don't want to sew, head here to get one of your own!

Happy sewing everyone!

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