Sunday, May 11, 2014

Master Bedroom: Update Number Two

Hey all! I'm back with another little update on the progress in the master. I know, I agree, I'm also thinking it really ought to be done by now. In my defense though the moving truck arrived on Monday afternoon with all of our stuff, and I've spent an awful lot of time this week unloading and unpacking. My sister came on Wednesday night and helped me get the kitchen set up.  Ah! What a relief that was. Thanks Emily!

I still have made some progress in the master bedroom though. All of the walls in the bedroom are finally painted. I ended up "calling an audible," (as Joe tells it) :) and steering away from the accent wall. It is amazing how much brighter that blue ended up looking after I painted it on two feet of the wall. I should have learned my lesson in the last place I painted. If you're trying to put two colors together in one room, always always get sample paint. All is not lost though, I'm planning on painting the master bathroom with the blue. I think it will really liven up that space.

Since my sister came we are even sleeping in the room with the quilt I made. You can see my post about it here. Yay! It's nice to finally see it on the bed being used.

Joe moved a pine cabinet upstairs to use as a nightstand. I painted it black a few years ago and think it looks quite nice against the wall color next to the bed.

Joe also helped me get the bedroom door up then too. The spray painted hardware looks better than the gross bronze, but I can't say that I will do it to the other door hardware. It ended up being way more of a pain than it was worth, and it did get a bit dinged up when I installed the handle and when we put the door back on.  Not worth changing out right now, but maybe down the line.

You can see that we still have the bathroom door to reinstall.  It's ready, but I need to find the other tool kit in one of the unpacked boxes.  

Joe helped me get some curtains up. We realized after night one that we needed something covering the windows right away since our bedroom faces east and the road outside is pretty busy. I know that having just one panel on each window right now looks funny, but I have plans to add some teal panels on the outsides of the curtains once I get my sewing machine set up. It will provide balance and tie into the quilt. I'm also going to put the blinds back up, but I need to replace one of them that was broken when we moved in.

I feel that I still have quite a bit to do in here, but hopefully tomorrow will be a day of lots of finishes. As you can see the closet is still empty and the new Rubbermaid closet system is strewn about the floor. I started working on that today since I found my drill yesterday. I need to get the correct drill bits tomorrow to do the job properly. I'm excited to get that installed so that I can unpack more of our clothes. It will clear up the extra bedrooms and make this room more useful.


  1. WOW!! That's amazing progress. And it looks lovely. Your quilt is a real centerpiece of beauty!! The less you rush, the more you'll enjoy the completion of each "little" segment. Did you make a matching little quilt for Carson's bed???? :>)

  2. nice...wish I could be there to help out some, if not at least serve refreshements. :) love you