Friday, May 23, 2014

Tile Ideas for a SMALL Master Bathroom

Hey all! I'm on to the next room. Last night I started the work on the master bathroom. I already have a few things chosen for that room. I painted the current vanity white already, and I'm going to use the Valspar Lucy Blue for the wall color. I'm also in the middle of readhereing and caulking the shower stall so we don't develop mold behind that. It was beginning to peal away from the wall.

So, this is the bathroom as it started out. Whoever chose the flooring really loved green and yellow I guess. As you can see, it is a small space. The area to the right is a closet that will be mostly covered once it's all done.

Blue for the walls. The other colors are in the master bedroom.

Now here is the hard part, deciding which tile to use on the floor. My dad is coming in the middle of June with his tile saw and tools to help me get it tiled along with a few of the other bathrooms in the house (yes, we have four total). Yay for dads with tools! I started collecting ideas last night for the tile, and I'm hoping you'll help me with some thoughts or new ideas of your own. It's a very small space, so keep that in mind. It's about 20 square feet of tile total, and that includes the toilet area and the closet area that will be curtained off in the end. So the actual area a person will really see is about 2 feet by 6 feet. I've gathered pictures of floor tiling that I like and you can help me think through them. I would also appreciate thoughts on adding a small backsplash behind the sink.

I like the tiny tiles, color scheme and small backsplash.

I'm drawn to the tiles that look like wood floors. I think they are warm looking but would be durable in a bathroom. I'm just worried they are too big for the space.

I like the idea of the multicolor small tile. It can go with many different color schemes. I also like the it is small and on the diagonal.

I like the small marble with the band of solid on the edge.

Just a classic 12 inch cream tile on the diagonal?

I like the classic black and white mosaic, but maybe not with the blue color on the walls?

I can't find the original source for this photo, but it's on my Pinterest page.
I like the simple tile, but I love that it is rectangular and laid in an alternating pattern.

I like the different sized tiles in that pattern, but we may not have enough floor space to appreciate it.

Well there you have it! Mostly traditional in style, but there is a little contemporary in there. Please let me know what you think, or leave the link to other tiling ideas in the comments section. I promise to let you know what we ultimately decide on and show you the end results. 


  1. I vote for the first (traditional with tiny tiles) seems like it would go nicely with the style you've got going. Or the 3rd (wood tiles) one. SInce you have a 2'x6', almost hallway, if you were to get the 6" x 12" or even 24" wood tile and run them the length of the bathroom I think it would look really nice. However you are technically supposed to run tile the direction of the light (like wood photo 2 with bathtub) so if you have a window in there that could change things a bit. If not though, run it however you like, in this case lengthwise.

    I also like the marble one but marble is fickle, on a floor especially, and requires more care and maintenance. Also, usually the sq. ft. price is noticeably higher AND costs more to install because you have to buy a white thinset, which still cost a couple dollars more per bag.

    All the other options are nice but being so small, I think you're very right when you said "but we may not have enough floor space to appreciate [them]."

    Just my thoughts, though you always decorate your places really well and I'm sure whatever you pick will look great! Good Luck!

    - Blake

    1. Thank for the thoughts Blake! I too am drawn to the wood in there. And we don't have any windows in the bathroom, good, bad, or otherwise, so I think running it with a 6" x 24" lengthwise would maybe make the room look longer/bigger?

  2. since you already painted the vanity white? yes I'd vote for the very first picture you have in your lineup.....seems that the smaller the space the smaller tile does well.