Friday, May 2, 2014

Where to start? Master bedroom makeover!

We are the proud new owners of a 1974 townhouse in Ohio! Joe arrived on Sunday, and I made it Tuesday night with the car and the dog. As you can see, Carson was ever so helpful in the transit across the country. I'm very thankful that we arrived safely.  

I spent the first day unpacking what I was able to bring in the car, but a car can only hold so much stuff.  Day two, and it was time to start painting.  I decided a while ago that I would like to paint the master bedroom first for several reasons.  First, it is incredibly easier to paint an empty room than one full of furniture.  Second, the colors in there... Ugh.  You'll see in the pictures below, although I don't believe the photos do it justice.  Yes, the carpeting is green, the trim is brown and the walls are yellow. In what decade was that ever popular?  Oh, the 60s you say?  Yeah, that's what I thought too.  But even the 60s would have rejected this room. Wrong shades. And for my final reason, I love having a bedroom that is a calming sanctuary.  The rest of the house can be terrible, and I'll still be happy if I can escape to a beautiful bedroom.  

I know that you're dying to see what it looked like before I got started.  Ready?  

The mess is the box of painting supplies that I brought.

Aren't the colors so nice?

Yes, those are brown curtains. I took them down and left them in a pile. Carson thought they were so awful that he actually peed on them. (We're working on how best to express our distaste.) 

Entrance into the bathroom.

What pretty linoleum floors! Ugh!

50 points to anyone who knows that this black box is. I had to look it up online to figure it out.

Old phone jack

Really not sure what this is.

So many empty electrical boxes and unused doodads.

Two switches, but only the dimmer on the right even works.

As you  can tell, I have a lot of fun ahead.  I'm going to paint all of the doors white. I'm attempting to spray paint the door hardware a metallic black. I'll let you know how that turns out. I'm also planning on replacing the switches and outlets in the room to the decorative square versions.  There is such a mishmash of electric going on in this house, that I think matching pieces will add that final touch of finish. 

I've found three paint colors to work with that I'm really excited about.  I wanted to find colors that were somewhat neutral that worked with the bed quilt I made.  I decided on Valspar Woodlawn Bedroom White for the doors, bathroom vanity and trim, Valspar Montpelier Ashlar Gray for most of the walls and Valspar Lucy Blue for an accent wall and the bathroom. 

I started preparing the walls and priming all of the doors and trim yesterday. Today I hope to get the doors and trim finished.  I need to wait on the walls until my ladder arrives in the moving truck.  Keep watching for updates.  

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  1. Well, I don't know. Those brown curtains could grow on you after awhile.....perhaps, literally??? hee hee. I think Carson made the most appropriate critique possible of the mudflat drapes. The while-gray-blue colors you have chosen for the new master bedroom/bath are WONDERFUL. What a breath of fresh air for the new place. Light, airy, up-to-date colors.Your quilt will provide the "showpiece" color and statement. Good job!! And what fun to dive into your own place to make it work for you. Good luck with the house-training, too. Maybe Joe needs to take Carson outside every few hours and demonstrate how boys use Nature for their elimination needs! :>) Have fun!! KM