Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Master Bedroom: It's so close!

Hey all! I'm back. I was in California for a few days watching Joe defend his Ph.D. thesis, hence the pause/delay in getting this bedroom done. But yay, go Joe! It was a very proud moment for me. 
If you haven't seen the before pictures, you won't be able to appreciate how much has been done to this room. Therefore, I'm including a few for your viewing pleasure and to remind you in case you have forgotten just how delightful this space was prior to my painting extravaganza.

Today was a big day. I got most of the finishing touches done. I hung the new blinds, rehung the bathroom door and closet doors.  Let me tell you, those closet doors were something else. I tried just rehanging them the same way they came off, but that must be some thick paint because I could not get them to slide past each other. I ended up having to chisel out a section on the back to make the hardware flush with the doors so they could slide. There are a few good news items coming out of that though. One, I now know what to do on the next two sets of closet doors to start with, and two, I am the proud owner of three wood chisels.  Lowe's has a line called Project Source. Woah, is it priced right: 3 chisels for $10! 
I also painted at the edge of the ceiling to cover up the inch of yellow that they poorly painted onto the ceiling.  I'll have to go over with another coat of ultra white still, but it looks much cleaner already.  And, lastly, Joe helped me move the headboard from the guest bedroom and position it correctly.  I do love my headboard, but for the life of me I can't find any way to attach it to the bed frame.  I think it was originally supposed to be for a sleigh bed, but when I bought it from the people on Craigslist they said I just needed to find the hook-in bed frame. Yeah right, that totally didn't work. Ah well, live and learn. It works well just by leaning it against the wall.
Time for the pictures. Enjoy!

There is still a bit more to do before I'd call this room done. Getting new carpeting is one of those things, but, it may be a few months before that happens which is fine.  It's not terrible, and it's clean and soft. I'm also working on refinishing a few bedside tables. I just started sanding them tonight. Look for more on those in the future. I'm also on the hunt for some dressers. It's tough to find dressers that I really love, so the search continues. And finally, I plan on making a few curtain panels to beef up the look and hang some artwork on the walls for a finished look.  Already though it's so much lovelier and more enjoyable to be in. Thanks for following along with the progress. Once I get the final touches done, I'll do a true before and after reveal post, but that may be a few months. I'll keep you posted on my new projects though, don't worry!

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  1. Looks GREAT!!! Nice color scheme. With some artwork on the walls it will be a bedroom worthy of Sunset Magazine...er, whatever the Midwest version of Sunset is!! Can't wait to see it in person sometime. See you in just a few short weeks!!